A hilarious comedy: Cocaine Bear film breakdown.

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Oh, ladies and gentlemen take your seatbelts off and prepare for a rollercoaster of outrageousness! "Cocaine Bear" is an unmissable ride in more different ways. The movie takes a "bear-y" true story and transforms it into a shocking horror comedy that is sure to keep you smiling, scratching at your brain, and considering whether the lifestyle choices are right for bears as well as drug smugglers.
Cocaine Bear From the moment we get to meet the dazzling Andrew C Thornton, played beautifully by Matthew Rhys, you know the audience is in for a wild ride. Smugglers with flair elegant grace, as well as a talent for throwing his cargo at the most inconvenient areas. The only thing he knew was, he was about to without knowing it, create a legend for this century--the "Cocaine Bear!" Do not think about what you think you know about bears or their habits of eating. The film takes a strong stand and believes that when bears drink cocaine, they don't simply party; they transform into bloodthirsty beasts! Forget about Godzilla you've got a new king in town, and he's a bear with a desire for powdered chemicals. Our characters, including police that are incompetent that aren't paying attention, criminals in a state of utter chaos, and innocent citizens who were unable to get through a bag of paper they will keep you in stitches. Their collective incompetence is truly amazing to watch. If you ever find yourself at a loss for something to laugh about think of how Detective Bob Springs and Officer Reba Mitchell trying to resolve some crime and not accidentally shooting each other. Don't forget to mention our courageous adventurers, Olaf as well as Elsa. They're not from the movie in "Frozen." The two hikers find a treasure trove of Colombian goods, and as soon as you say "Bearzilla," they become those who are the most likely targets of Cocaine Bear's insatiable hunger. It's true, who really needs to be a Disney princess when you have a snorting, rampaging bear in the wild? It strikes the right middle ground between horror and comedy that makes you laugh in one scene, and then clutching you popcorn in fear next. The body count rises faster than hair in your neck and you'll be cheering at each death with a wicked enjoyment. This is something like watching National Geographic special hosted by Grim Reaper. Grim Reaper. Then, let's get to the final showdown. Imagine a mighty waterfall over the backdrop, our fearless family consisting of Sari, Dee Dee, and Henry all set to go up against one of the most formidable creatures in our world, Cocaine Bear. It's an epic battle for the past, accompanied by explosives, roars from the bear, and enough white powder put Tony (blog) Montana to shame. As you are about to think you've lost the fight you, it's brought back by a cocaine explosion! It's a resurgence of the legendary scale. Sure "Cocaine Bear" may have many flaws. The editing feels as unstable and jittery as a caffeine-induced squirrel making you scratch your head and you wondering if the film reel is actually used to serve as scratching point. Don't fret, fans, as the bear's CGI is impressively top-of-the line. That bear steals the show and some of the editors seemed be in a state of sugar coma themselves. The film is a mix that combines tension, double-crossings and some unexpected bonds. It's like mixing tequila with bear saliva--unconventional and unforgettable. As the credits begin to roll and you're able to leave the theater with a smile in your eyes, think of one of the reviews' final words: Do not feed bears anything, especially not heroin or fellow hikers. I guarantee it will not result in a happy ending for anyone. Grab your popcorn, buckle down, so that you can be immersed in the world of "Cocaine Bear." It's an experience unlike any other that will leave you in amazement, and pondering the power of bears and their secrets of partying potential.

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